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411 Ellerdale St. , Suite 811

Saint John, N.B. E2J 4B4

About Able Monument & Restoration Service

Able Monument & Restoration Services is located at 411 Ellerdale St, in Saint John East, New Brunswick. We have over 13 years experience in the re-lettering and cleaning of gravestones and monuments. Able Monument has successfully restored and cleaned well over 1000 monuments and we take great pride in professional quality work.

Whether you are looking to clean up your monument because it's very dirty or perhaps the white lettering on your Monument has worn down to the point that it is very hard to read, we can make it look beautiful for you and your family.

We are now honoured to offer an exclusive line of Wholesale Cremation Urns, Caskets, Pet Urns, Porcelain Plaques, Bronze Memorial Plaques, all to remember our loved ones and pets.

The Quality of the new product line(s) are wonderful, they have been selected because of there quality, style, and cost.  Many are all made right here in canada.



If you or any member of your family need assistance please call


Cell 506-608-0746

Able Monument & Restoration Services

411 Ellerdale St., Suite 811

Saint John, N.B.

E2J 4B4